Are you planning a family weekend trip? Group travel is always exciting and fun. Whether a corporate reunion or a family get-together, a weekend getaway with many happy souls creates a lifetime of memories. However, group travel can only become comfortable if you arrange for the correct type of car. If you have more than eight people, using a minibus hire service is better. It’s spacious, safe, and the best option for long routes.

Why should you hire a minibus for group travel?

Fits all in one vehicle

When it comes to group travel, going together is fun. However, if half the members travel in another car, there will be a lack of coordination among the group. A minibus is a great option. Some minibusses are large enough to accommodate more than 15 people and their luggage.

Book according to the requirement, and you can fit the whole group into a single vehicle. Let the conversations and unending laughter be a part of your journey.

Spacious and comfortable

When you go on a weekend getaway, you travel to the outskirts, which might be 2 to 3 hours away from the location. Traveling becomes more accessible with a minibus.

There, you’ll get modern push-back seats, enough leg space, charging points, additional space to store prams, kitchen utilities, small luggage, and even wheelchairs.

Comfort is enhanced when you book a minibus for group travel.

Enhanced safety features

A minibus is the safest option for long journeys with many people on board. It has dual rear wheels and a steel cage construction, keeping the passengers safe during long drives. Moreover, the maximum speed capacity of a minibus is between 60 and 80 mph, which is suitable for long journeys.

Book minibus hire services from Akar Taxis and enjoy our services for long-term journeys. Depending on the group size, we offer a fleet of minibusses on a rental basis. Contact us today!

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