We boast of providing a comfortable, hassle-free, and safe ride taxi service across the Isle of Wight. However, here, we want to add some clarifications on what makes our services the best among all taxi providers in the Isle of Wight. Well, the shortest answer is: we turn every stone to ensure the passenger’s comfort and provide personalised services. Here, we want to highlight what extra features you can expect from us when booking our cabs and taxis.

What makes our taxi service stand out?

We know the entire Isle of Wight like the back of our hand. And we ensure that every point in the region is covered to make your journey seamless. Our fleet can pick you up from anywhere in the locations and drop you off accordingly. Here, we have highlighted some of the robust features of our taxi services.

Mainland travel at your fingertips

Many tourists and common passengers need help reaching the mainland on a tight schedule. This is where we bring our fleet to make your journey seamless. We offer drop-off trips, round trips, and much more. We can even organise your ferry to remove all the possible headaches from your journey.

The perk of a corporate account

We provide the additional feature of a corporate account. If you need frequent travel for work, we can help you set up a corporate account with us. This way, you will enjoy added features, discounts, and more.

Mountain bike rescue

We have been dedicated to rescuing mountain bikes for a while now. A part of our team excels at this precise work. If you are in a tight spot and need assistance, contact us without hesitation. We will promptly respond to your SOS call.

Wheelchair accessible vehicles

Our fleet includes a wide range of wheelchair-accessible vehicles, and our friendly team goes the extra mile to accommodate all passengers.

Instant booking taxi service

Are you late for your schedule? Do you need to reach the venue on time? We are always ready to respond at the tip of your finger. When you book, we find the nearest cab service and connect you with them.

Affordable rates

We offer all our taxi services at an affordable rate. There is no underhand fees. We have designed all our features so that you can brace ahead for a comfortable and tranquil journey. To travel anywhere around the Isle of Wight or to the mainland, contact Akar Taxis today. We can help you experience an ultimate journey of comfort and luxury.